Services & Support

Hartwood currently operates 18 group residences supporting nearly 100 persons within the community where they receive the support and encouragement they need to build their skills and reach their highest potential.  In addition, Hartwood owns and operates a state-of-the art group home-based respite/emergency program serving up to eight individuals at a time and in-home (and drop-in) supports programs in Fairfax County, Virginia serving children and adults. Finally, Hartwood administers Fairfax county’s Respite Subsidy Program which gives nearly two hundred local families a break on the cost of private respite services for their loved one with special needs. See details below.

Note: Unless otherwise noted all programs are for adults. Fees are charged based on the ability to pay and pursuant to contractual agreements with Community Services Boards. HUD supported programs require Section 8 eligibility and payment of fees.

Group Home Services and Supports:

Provides safe, comfortable and adaptive (as may be needed) housing and comprehensive residential support services 24 hours/day

Supported Residential Services:

Provides safe, comfortable housing and (less than 24 hour/day care) residential support and general supervision

Emergency Respite Services:

  • One 8-bed Respite Group Home Fairfax County
  • Provides comprehensive residential support and services 24 hours/day. Under contract with Fairfax-Falls Church and Arlington Community Services Boards provides emergency housing and support for up to four persons at any one time. A maximum of four other individuals may be served at the home on a private, first come, first served basis.

Traditional Group Home-Based Respite Services:

Hartwood’s respite program may be used by any person who meets the target population requirements, the admission criteria, and pays the necessary fees.

A maximum of 8 individuals who meet the target population and admissions criteria may simultaneously use the respite facility. Up to four beds may be in “routine” use, the remaining beds are reserved for emergency use (3 – Fairfax – Falls Church CSB and 1- Arlington CSB)

The main focus of the respite program will be to provide short term, periodic care for the residents in the absence of their families or other care providers. The respite facility is typically used for traditional respite purposes, i.e. giving families a break or respite from caring for the family member with an intellectual disability; however, it may be used for short-term emergency placement also.

“Routine” Respite Services for any individual at Hartwood Foundation’s respite facility may not exceed 21 consecutive days and may not exceed 60 days in any 1-year period.

The individual, individual’s family, or CSB support coordinator will be responsible for arranging transportation to and from the respite facility, the individual’s day placement, recreational events not arranged and staffed by Hartwood Foundation staff, and any medical appointments that happen to fall during an individual’s “private respite” stay at the facility. Hartwood Foundation staff will not be available to accompany an individual to a medical appointment. Should a medical emergency occur, 911 will be contacted to request an ambulance. The individual’s parents and/or emergency contacts will be contacted/ notified as soon as possible to meet the individual at the hospital.

In-Home Support Services:

With funding through the Virginia Intellectual Disability Waivered Services Program support can be provided in the family home on a limited basis. Both children and adults are eligible for services.

Drop-In Support Services:

With funding through the Fairfax-Falls Church Community Services Board, adults living in the community alone or with housemate(s) may receive support in all facets of home and community living.

Respite Subsidy Program:

With funding through the Fairfax-Falls Church Community Services Board, families may be eligible to receive cash subsidies to assist with the costs of hiring specially skilled “sitters/companions” to care for a family member with intellectual disabilities during short absences of caregivers. Both children and adults are eligible for services.

Once a Hartwood Services Application is completed and either mailed or emailed to the Hartwood main office, Hartwood staff will confirm the individual’s/family’s eligibility to participate in the Respite Subsidy Program with the Community Services Board. Once eligibility is confirmed, the Respite Subsidy Coordinator will contact the family to schedule a home visit/intake to assess the individual’s support intensity level and review forms and procedures for seeking (subsidy) reimbursement for Respite fees paid by the family directly to the private provider of their choosing.

Enrichment Programs:

Hartwood has developed and maintained private funding for special purposes that can be used with any Hartwood operated program.

  • Martin M. Rosen Memorial Fund: special recreation and cultural activities
  • Leo Model Memorial Fund: music activities
  • Cyrus V. Helm Memorial Fund: staff training and education
  • Yereth Frank Kahn Memorial Fund: gardening and horticultural activities/training
  • Hartwood is an approved and enrolled provider of residential and respite services under the Mental Retardation Medicaid Waivered Services Program since its inception in 1991.  Program operations are licensed through the Virginia Department of Behavioral Health and Developmental Services – Office of Licensure.