Board of Directors

The volunteer-based Board of Directors governs the nonprofit agency under Virginia law. We seek representation from a variety of sources: families of service recipients, local professionals and civic groups, and interested people with special skills – legal, financial, etc.

The size of the Board may vary and persons interested in our services should contact the Executive Director for additional information.

Hartwood Foundation, Inc. has three subsidiary corporations: Hartwood Terrace, Inc.; Hartwood Group Homes, Inc.; and Hartwood Place, Inc. set-up to meet federal requirements. Members of the Board of Directors for Hartwood Foundation, Inc. serve concurrently in the same capacities/roles for these subsidiary corporations.

The current Board roster consists of the following people:

  • President: Christian A. Brown
  • Vice President: Kevin McCarthy
  • Treasurer: John Burgess
  • Secretary: Kathy Lombard
  • Director: Joselyn Folsom
  • Director: Elliott Dubin
  • Financial Advisor: Courtney C. Caldwell