Summer 2018 Appeal

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Hartwood Foundation Inc. celebrates 45 years of service in 2018. From our beginnings as a family cooperative organization sharing resources, to the community service organization of today, Hartwood has been an innovator in the development of community based residential and respite services for persons with intellectual disabilities.

Currently Virginia is midway through the process of downsizing/eliminating its training centers in favor of community based home settings. In addition, over 8000 persons, most of whom reside in family homes with aging caregivers, are wait listed instead of receiving much needed services. The state has implemented a number of well-intentioned programs to assist in the private sector development of new residential services opportunities. However, the actual costs far exceed the funds immediately available.

Please help us to meet this challenge to see that all persons eligible and wanting these services have the opportunity they need. Hartwood has chosen, from its beginnings, to serve persons with significant and multiple disabilities. The modifications to provide barrier-free environments, the special equipment and personal support devices that enable safe and comfortable community living are costly, but necessary for the persons we serve.

Please give generously as you have in the past. With your help we can make a real difference in the lives of those we serve. We wish you a happy holiday season and a healthy and prosperous New Year.

With warmest regards,

Christian A Brown

Christian A. Brown

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Hartwood Foundation, Inc.
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